ICO Technologies is proud to present ICO Solutions

On the eve of its 17th anniversary, ICO Technologies is eager to announce that the branding of its software suite will be harmonized this month. As such, the BeeON, Target, IvSoft and Background brands will officially become ICO Solutions. This change reflects the progress made in the past years and is consistent with our view of the company’s future evolution. As part of this transition, only the names of the software programs are changing; the visual interface and functionality you are familiar with are unchanged.

 Our intent is to remain a familiar brand, while building on a tightly-integrated name in line with our further expansion into new markets. The ICO Solutions name fits nicely with this orientation. It is in perfect alignment with our desired image. While preserving the specific colours and illustrations associated with the BeeON brand, we opted for a new logo designed to reflect and retain the distinctive qualities of ICO Technologies and BeeON Solutions.



Automate your emergency, security and management operations with our fully integrated, easy-to-use and efficient software packages. Our software solutions are designed by IT experts who work closely with specialists in the areas of emergency, security and management services, to ensure that our clients are provided with smart, easy-to-use and efficient tools. 

In addition, all of our software packages can be adapted for the specific needs of your organization. Find out why ICO Solutions has already been adopted by hundreds of organizations. These include:

In the next days, you will gradually see the new branding and logo appear in our communications content, official documentation and presentations, as well as in your application, with the upcoming software update.

Finally, over the coming weeks, we will be launching a brand-new website bringing together the contents of icotechnologies.ca and beeon.com. The new site, ICOSOLUTIONS.com, incorporates a visual design that is dynamic, simplified and modern. Additionally, the following months will see the birth and launch of a completely new customer portal which will include fresh features and more opportunities.


The growth of our company has never been stronger. This upward trend will continue in parallel with our pursuit of innovation!


  • City of Edmonton
  • Province of Quebec
  • City of Montreal
  • Department of the Eeyou Eenou Police Force
  • Ville de Gatineau
  • Société québécoise des infrastructures
  • Justice Québec
  • Développement durable, Environnement et lutte contre les changements climatiques Québec

*ICO Solutions encompasses the full range of software packages developed by ICO Technologies. BeeON products were formerly known as BeeON, Target, Target 911 and Target Solutions.